Dagne and Kittil Hanson-Strommen, A Norwegian-American Saga

Dagne and Kittil Hanson-Strommen

A Norwegian-American Saga

written by Lorraine J. Robinson

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This book explores the 1843 journey of Dagne and Kittil Hanson from their farm of Strommen in Telemark, Norway into America. It delves into the history of Norway and is well researched into the antics of the Viking Age. It has a complete ancestral history of Dagne and Kittil Hanson and their eleven children, with ancestors dating back as far as 860 AD, ending with Harold Fairhair... the first King of Norway.

This book is an excellent example of what an ancestral book is all about. See for yourself the possibilities in preparing your own family history journal.

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Published by Featherwood Publishing .

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